Miami South Beach Keratin Treatment

South Beach Keratin Treatment is now available at Oren Salon!

Many women are searching for perfect straight hair without too much of a daily hassle. a keratin hair treatment is a great way to achieve perfect and straight hair without the costly and time consuming act of getting blowdrys once or twice a week.

Here’s a little breakdown as to what a South Beach Keratin Treatment is and what it can do for your hair:

Q: What is Keratin?

A: Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in your hair.

Q: How does a Keratin Treatment work?

A: An Oren Salon stylist applies a specially formulated Keratin treatment (otherwise known as a Brazilian Blowout) to your hair and then uses a special hair iron to seal in formula. A Keratin treatment usually takes about 90 minutes to be complete, depending on your hair’s length.

Q: How long does a South Beach Keratin Treatment last?

Results vary due to hair thickness and texture but you can expect a full 2-3 months of straight and beautiful hair.

♥ Time Saver A South Beach Keratin Treatment may shorten your hair-doing time up to 60%, depending on your hair’s length!

♥ Bye-Bye Frizz After getting a South Beach Keratin Treatment, you can walk the humid streets of Sunny (and hot!) South Florida without a worry of your hair getting frizzy and fluffy along the way.

♥ Wait Before You Wash After getting a South Beach Keratin Treatment done, you should wait between 3 to 4 days before washing your hair. This gives the solution time to settle in and take effect on your tresses.

♥ Maintenance After getting a Keratin Treatment, and after the no-wash period, try and use sodium/sulfate free shampoo. This will assist in the up keep of your brazilian blowout.

Contact Oren Salon to schedule your next appointment for a Keratin Treatment and experience beautiful hair everyday!